Q: Do you only photograph kids?
A: From maternity to retirement, we photograph children of all ages including babies, teens, grownups, families, friends, and even pets. Want to do something different? We’re always up for being different. We also do headshots (for modeling/acting portfolios, personal, or professional use) along with graduation photos.

Q: Can I bring my pet(s)?
A: Yes, we can take photos of your pet(s) outside. Our in-studio sessions are pet-free due to allergies. Please let us know when you book your session so we can be prepared. 

Q: What colour backgrounds do you have for in-studio sessions?
A: We have the most flexibility to shoot on our white background to get full length shots and action shots however we do have a grey background also. If you prefer for the photographer to use a background other than white, please specify when booking your shoot and dress accordingly. 

Q: What if I don’t see any pictures I like in my online gallery/ordering consultation?
A: We try to take as many photos as we can during your photo session so you’ll have a good variety to choose from. However, f your photo session doesn’t go well and you’re left with only a couple of good photos, then we will offer a free re-shoot to take more photos. We know that children are often hard to predict, but please try and book your photo session for the time of day that your child is usually the most playful and responsive.

Q: How many people are allowed during a photo session? Is there an additional cost for large groups?
A: The cost of your photo session is the same whether it’s just with you or with your extended family and/or friends (it does get a little crowded with 12 or more people though). For large groups and newborn shoots we suggest booking one of our 1 hour sessions. The 1 hour session will give you plenty of time to get different poses or combinations of people, or to accommodate feedings and diaper changes for newborns without feeling constrained by time.

Meanwhile, the standard 30 minute session is ideal for 6 people or less. We work quickly to capture a variety of different poses and groupings within the 30 minutes and you can even fit in an outfit change halfway through the shoot.

Q: How long will you keep my photos on file?
A: Your entire photo session will be kept on our hard drive for 30 days from your photo session appointment. Any photos you order during your viewing or within the 30 days after will be kept on file for two years.

Q: How long does it take for my photos to develop? And what if I need them in a hurry?
A: After you’ve placed your order your photos will be ready for pick up within 2-3 weeks. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for large prints and framed portraits 16″ x 20″ and larger. During our high season (September-February) it’s possible for your order to take an extra week or two to arrive. If you’re in a hurry to get your photos, we can rush your order for $35. With the rush fee we can have your order back within 5-10 business days.

Q: What are the best ages for me to bring my baby/child in?
A: There are wonderful milestones to capture throughout your little one's first year. Here are our suggested milestones:

  • newborn (up to 3 weeks old) when they are smallest
  • 3-5 months when they are strong on their tummies
  • 6-8 months when they are starting to sit on their own
  • 9-11 months when they can crawl
  • 1 year when they can stand and walk

After the first year, any age is great for capturing them at that time in their life.

Q: Are you able to photograph someone with special needs? Can you photograph someone in a wheel chair?
A: Absolutely. There is plenty of space in our studio to accommodate wheelchairs and if you choose an outdoor session, we'll make sure it is wheelchair accessible. If you are bringing in someone with special needs, please let us know what they are and we will make sure to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Feel free to let us know if there are any light or sound sensitivity issues and if there is anything we can do to make the shoot more comfortable.   

Q: Can I get all my images on CD?
A: We do not offer all of the photos on a CD. However, we do offer low (web) resolution digital images (simply for electronic sharing or digital picture frames) and high resolution digital images (of printing quality). Depending on what your purpose if for your photos, we will help you decide on what is best for your needs.